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Warehouse Floors


Are you looking for concrete services for your new warehouse floor? Are you extending a warehouse and require a new floor to match the existing levels of the current concrete floor? We can help. With a wealth of experience, we have worked on some of the largest warehouse floors in the UK. We don't just work on large projects - we can help with any size of warehouse floor to ensure you get the right floor for your building. From high tolerance floor slabs, FM2 concrete floors, high racking floors to DM2 / DM1 floors, we can help. If you own a factory or manufacturing facility and you are looking for a new concrete floor or would like to upgrade your existing floor, we can help.

Experience seamless and durable concrete warehouse floors with our expert services. Concrete Building Solutions specialises in the placing, laying and finishing of concrete floors, ensuring high tolerance levels and superior quality finishes for all your warehouse or factory needs. From reinforcement and mesh installation to precision power floating and finishing, we offer floors that withstand heavy loads, high traffic, and the rigours of daily operations. Our comprehensive offerings also include floor rejuvenation, floor screeds, concrete repairs, polishing, and grinding, ensuring that your warehouse floors remain resilient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. With our expert teams, nationwide and international coverage, and commitment to quality assurance, trust us to deliver the perfect flooring solution tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it be for a new project or an existing floor, reach out to us today to elevate your warehouse infrastructure with our unparalleled expertise. With early engagement, we may be able to offer value-engineered solutions, tailor-made for your project.

Examples of our warehouse flooring work

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