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External Brush Finished Yards

Our Brush Finish Concrete Floors are typically used as a wearing surface on external yards producing high slip resistance and better wearing properties, typically where footfall is high and water damaged may be prominent. Additionally, it is great for providing extra grip for vehicles. Brush finish concrete or Trowel finish concrete floors are very distinctive - featuring textured looking parallel lines scratched into the concrete surface.


When applying a brush finish to concrete you need to act fast and catch the concrete whilst it’s still wet enough to allow the brush to run over it, but dry enough not to ruin any levelling work already carried out.  A poorly applied concrete brush finish can turn a newly laid floor into an eyesore if it’s not carried out with painstaking attention to detail. Fortunately, here at CBS Concreting we are lucky enough to have some of the leading industry specialists for Concrete Brush Finishing.

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