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Concrete Yard


Are you looking for a robust, non-slip floor for a petrol station, charging station, car park, or any other high-traffic area? We can help. With extensive experience in brush finishes, we offer a skilled service essential for achieving top-quality results.

Our Brush Finish Concrete Floors are ideal for external yards, providing high slip resistance and superior durability, especially in areas with heavy footfall and potential water damage. They also offer extra grip for vehicles. Brush finish concrete or trowel finish concrete floors are distinctive, featuring parallel lines textured into the surface.

Applying a brush finish to concrete requires precise timing: the concrete must be wet enough for the brush to glide over it but dry enough to maintain the levelling work already done. A poorly executed brush finish can turn a newly laid floor into an eyesore. Fortunately, at Concrete Building Solutions, we are fortunate to have some of the leading industry specialists in Concrete Brush Finishing.

Examples of our concrete yard work

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