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Building a Concrete Future


What makes us different? 

Financial stability - backed by Sumou Holding Company, a multi-billion dollar investment company. 

UK workforce for specialist tasks - Our dedicated UK workforce has for two decades specialised in the highest quality of installation over millions of meters.

DAC’s local support of support Labour and Logistics -

The DAC group provide a huge pool of concrete building solutions, pour manager and related labour at our disposal.

Heavy investment in the best plant and machinery -

Permanent Bases in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Dubai allow us support at short notice.

Quality assessment - ISO 9001 Accredited. We have invested in technology and people and have developed a bespoke AI driven APP that ensures our design procedures and methods are adhered to.

Second to none aftercare - DAC’s specialist concrete divisions; Shieldtech (concrete repairs), Rhino (crack repairs), and 3DAC (Surveying) provide aftercare that is unsurpassable in the market.


Health and Safety procedures - ISO 45001 Accredited. Real care for workers Health and Safety with robustly implemented plans.

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CBS ME - A4 Folder 3.2 print ready.jpg

Our packages & process 

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Silver - CBS Jointless Superflat Floor

This laser poured, high tolerance FM2, steel fibre reinforced concrete floor with a dryshake topping and AR1.0 is suitable for most types of warehouse floor. 

Project Process

All our packages start with the same base processes that insure quality and suitability for the project. Find out about how we ensure the floor we can deliver will be in every way the right floor for you. 

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Gold - CBS Jointless Superflat Hiperpolished Floor

Our most popular laser poured, very high tolerance FM1 or FM2, steel fibre reinforced concrete floor with Hiperpolished and densified finish gives AR0.5 is an extra durable upgraded package suitable for almost all types of warehouse floor.


Quality Assurance

Our unique ‘Concrete Building Solutions Pour Manager’ AI driven APP takes QA and document storage to a new level. Ensuring quality runs through every step and providing our clients documentation at the click of a button.

Platinum Photo.jpg

Platinum - CBS Jointless Hiperflat Hiperpolished Floor

The ultimate, the best of concrete warehouse floors. Finished with a Hiperpolished, densified and sealed dryshake topping, this is choice for maximum durability. A range of options within this package allow for DM1/2 tolerances as well supersized bays upto 5000m2. 

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Along with our 10 year warranties and additional Finish guarantees provided by our Hiperpolishing Partners, we offer a solid promise on rectifying faults, weather caused by us or by others.

With the help of the repair specialists in the DAC group, we can be extra responsive, delivering virtually invisible repairs, quickly and without compromising the floors quality 

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A Saudi Arabian Registered Company

We are proud to be part of the DAC group of specialist construction companies

SUMOU - Multi Billion Dollar Investment Group

BUNA - KSA based Tier 1 Main Contractor with huge workforce and Logistics Support

DAC - Group of specialist partnerships

CBS ME - DAC Partner

Shieldtech - Concrete Repair Specialists

Rhino - Carbon Fibre Crack Repair Specialists

3Dac - Surveying Division

Company Structure 

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