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Amazon Poole

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Project Specification

Project Size - 430,000 sq ft

Tolerance achieved - FM1

Concrete Laid per day - 400m²

The depot is the biggest in the south coast and one of the biggest nationwide. 10.70 acre depot (more than 40,000 m2).

Amazon Poole, a new e-commerce facility, required concrete work for their building foundation and flooring. CBS Concreting was selected as the contractor for the job due to their reputation for delivering high-quality concrete work.

The job presented several challenges, including the need to work within a tight deadline and meet Amazon’s strict standards for quality. However, CBS was up to the task and was able to complete the job on time and to the satisfaction of Amazon.

The concrete work at Amazon Poole was executed with precision and attention to detail. The foundation and flooring were constructed to withstand heavy loads and provide a solid base for the operations of the e-commerce facility.

The partnership between CBS and Amazon Poole was a great success, and led to 3 more recent Amazon projects in the UK last year alone. CBS’s commitment to delivering high-quality work, even under challenging circumstances, made them a valuable asset to the Amazon Poole project. The facility now boasts a strong foundation and flooring, which will support the operations of the e-commerce giant for years to come.

Project Summary

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