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Multiple Warehouses, Rochdale

Project Specification

Project Size - 134,550 sq ft

Tolerance achieved - FM2

Project Summary

CBS Concreting has successfully completed an impressive construction project in the North West of England, showcasing their expertise in the industry. The project involved pouring jointless high tolerance floors on a protected gas membrane using an advanced steel fibre method. Meticulous attention to detail was given to constructing a 295mm deep slab, ensuring optimal performance. The renowned RCR alpha joint system was incorporated for exceptional durability and longevity. On-site addition of 45KG/m3 of Dramix 3D fibres significantly contributed to the concrete's strength and toughness, providing additional reinforcement. The project adhered to FM2 tolerance standards, guaranteeing precision in every aspect. To enhance the concrete's surface durability, Hatcrete dry shake fibre suppression topping and a curing agent were expertly applied. CBS Concreting's commitment to utilising innovative materials and methods was evident throughout the project, delivering top-quality results using the latest technology and techniques. The successful completion of this project stands as a testament to their exceptional work and unwavering dedication.

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